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TrawellTag Cover-More is a part of the Cover-More Group, world's leading dedicated and India's largest providers of medical assistance and travel insurance. TrawellTag Cover-More is a comprehensive assistance programme providing you with 24x7 worldwide medical, travel, lifestyle and domestic road-side assistance.

travel2dubai is offering a TrawellTag Cover-More Travel Insurance coverage plan for travel to the UAE available at an extremely attractive price.

The TrawellTag Cover-More Dubai Insurance Plan offers comprehensive coverage as follows :


    Coverage under the medical expense section of this insurance is intended for use by the Insured Person in the event of a sudden and unexpected sickness or accident arising when the Insured Person is outside the India. The Insured Person in respect of covered medical related expenses mentioned below, reasonably and necessarily incurred outside the India by the Insured Person suffering bodily injury, sickness, disease or death during the period of Insurance.


    Expenses for physician ordered emergency medical evacuation, including medically appropriate transportation and necessary medical care en route to the nearest suitable hospital when the insured person is critically ill or injured and no suitable local care is available, subject to the prior approval of the Medical Advisors.


    If the insured Person dies outside the India, the expenses for preparing the air transportation of the remains for repatriation to the India or up to an equivalent amount for a local burial or cremation in the country where the death occurred. All expenses are prepared for transportation to the India or for local burial or cremation.


    The expenses incurred for immediate relief of dental pain are covered up to the extent of the limit as shown in the schedule of the policy. However, dental care rendered necessary as a result of a covered accident shall not be subject to the limit of cover stated in the policy schedule.


    If at any time during the covered trip, the insured person sustains any bodily injury resulting solely and directly from accident caused by external, violent and visible means, then the Insured Person or his legal personal representative (s), as the case may be, will be paid, the Capital Sum Insured mentioned against Personal Accident in the Schedule of this policy, if such injury shall within twelve calendar months of occurrence be the sole and direct cause of:

    1. Death of the insured person
    2. Permanent Total Disablement (as defined in the policy) of the Insured Person
    3. Total and irrecoverable loss of both eyes and two limbs or of one eye and one limb provided always that the policy will not pay under more than one of the foregoing sub clauses in respect of the same accident.

    This insurance will pay up to the limit of cover shown in the Schedule in the event of the Insured Person suffering total loss of Checked in Baggage by an International airline.


    This insurance shall reimburse for necessary emergency purchase of replacement items that the Insured Person suffers a delay of more than 12 hours from the scheduled arrival time at the destination for delivery of Baggage that has been checked in by an International Airline for an international outbound flight from the India OR the transportation expenses incurred in recovering the baggage from the airlines.


    In the event of the insured Person losing his/her Passport during the trip covered, the reimbursement of actual expenses necessarily and reasonably incurred by the Insured Person in connection with obtaining emergency travel documents or duplicate/ fresh passport in lieu of lost passport outside India.


    If the Insured Person in his or her private capacity becomes legally liable to pay for accidental bodily injury to Third Parties or accidental damage to Third Party Properties arising from an incident during the covered trip.

    1. Cancellation before the trip because of
      1. Death of Insured / Insured spouse, children, parent or parent in law’s.
      2. Death of Brother or Sister of the insured 15 days prior to the departure date as stated in the policy. d. Serious injury, sudden sickness of Insured, insured’s spouse or parent or parent in-law or child requiring hospitalization for more than 24 hrs.
      3. Compulsory quarantine or prevention of travel by Government of India
    2. Curtailment (the cutting short by early return to India) of the trip because of:
      1. Death, serious injury or sudden major sickness of Insured / Insured spouse, child or parents / parent in laws residing in India at the time of incident. (While the insured is on a trip abroad)
      2. The hijack of an aircraft in which Insured Person is travelling as a fare paying passenger.
      3. Death of Brother or Sister of the insured in India.
    3. LIFE THREATENING CONDITION / SITUATION –Because of Pre-Existing Condition
      1. Markedly unstable vital parameters (blood pressure, pulse, temperature and respiratory rate).
      2. Acute impairment of one or more vital organ systems (involving brain, heart, lungs, Liver, Kidneys and pancreas).
      3. Critical care being provided, which involves high complexity decision making to assess, manipulate and support vital system function(s) to treat single or multiple vital organ failure(s) and requires interpretation of multiple physiological parameters and application of advanced technology.
      4. Critical care being provided in critical care area such as coronary care unit, intensive care unit, respiratory care unit, or the emergency department.

Important Note : The above description has been provided by TrawellTag Cover-More. travel2dubai only directs the customer requests to TrawellTage Cover-More and the Travel Insurance Plan and related documentation is issued directly by TrawellTag Cover-More to customers referred by travel2dubai. TrawellTag Cover-More is responsible for servicing all customer enquiries and claims relating to the Insurance Policy.

24/7 Worldwide Medical Assistance Covered
Travel Assistance Covered
Life Style Assistance Overseas Covered
Travel Insurance Covered

Overages (in USD) UAE Insurance Plan
Medical Expenses,Evacuation\Repatriation USD 50 K
(deductibles) $100
Dental Cover $300
Personal Accidental Death & Disablement $15,000
Loss of baggage(Checked in) $500
Delay of baggage(beyond 12 Hrs) $100
Loss of Passport $250
(deductibles) $25
Personal Liability $2,00,000
(deductibles) $100
Trip Cancellation/Curtailment $500
(deductibles) $100
Pre existing coverage in case of Life Threatening Situation 15% of sum insured max 25K