travel2dubai - A World of Exceptional Benefits!

At travel2dubai, we make doing business with us a pleasure. We offer a host of benefits to our partners and help them deliver an outstanding customer experience to their clients.

Hassle free enrolment

Becoming a travel2dubai travel trade partner is easy!

Simply log your request on travel2dubai, call us at +91 88607 86849 or e-mail and our sales team will reach out to you promptly for completing the partner registration process.

Once approved, your Partner Account (PACT) will be set-up and you be will be ready to start transacting on the travel2dubai portal in a matter of days!

User interface and site navigation is simple and self explanatory and requires no prior instruction. All that you need to start using the platform is your existing PC terminal and high speed internet access. The portal and the visa tracking facility is also mobile responsive.

Quick & Efficient on-line process for applying & tracking visa applications

Obtaining a visa at travel2dubai follows a simple four step process we term as CAAT:

Choose - Select the applicable visa type relevant for your travel, and choose between normal & express service

Apply - Complete the simple on-line visa application form, along with relevant supporting documents

Account - Pay using the multiple, convenient options, on-line & off-line

Track - Stay regularly updated on your visa status through auto alerts via e-mail & SMS service

travel2dubai is built to ensure fast response times & speedy retrieval and handling of information.

The user interface has been thoughtfully designed to enable quick & efficient posting of applications and uploading of supporting documents by the partner. We only seek relevant information that is essential for expedient & successful processing of the application.

The system saves the partner valuable time and effort in handling repeat customer applications - all relevant information provided at the time of making the first application is recalled automatically for subsequent applications by the same customer!

travel2dubai provides the partner with simple reports to organize and track applications. The ongoing status of the application is automatically updated & communicated on a regular basis. The partner can check the latest status of the application anytime with only a key click from a PC or a mobile!

Multiple Visa types, at Best rates!

You can secure all relevant visa’s for tourism and business* purposes at at rates that are the best available in the market!

We offer highly competitive prices for all relevant types of UAE visa viz. transit, tourist and business purpose visa*. Our Express Visa service is designed to process visa applications within two business days* so that you can make it to your important commitment in the UAE on time!

Prices are auto calculated and presented while completing the application, and easily payable through our secure, multi-choice payment platform.

With a compelling price, a world class portal backed by outstanding customer service and support, travel2dubai offers the best value for money to the Travel Trade Partners!

* Terms & Conditions apply

Useful tools to organize & manage information

travel2dubai provides several features that help you better organize and use important information for your business and for your customer.

These include:

  • A comprehensive Partner Dashboard providing a snapshot and easy navigation to all key information categories and actions from one screen.

  • State-of-the-art facility enabling the user to upload supporting documents for visa applications at one place, in the required format, quickly and painlessly.

  • All relevant applicant information fed in once can be recalled for subsequent applications saving the partner valuable time, effort & file storage space!

  • Live reports providing transaction level details of all processed & pending applications.

  • The Transaction Analysis Report providing the partner all relevant financial information for your accounting purposes.

Flexible & convenient billing & payment options

travel2dubai offers tremendous flexibility and ease in making payments. We offer multiple payment plans and modes of payment.

Advance Account Plan: allows the partner to place an advance in their account with travel2dubai that can be utilised for ongoing transactions. The Account statement is accessible on the system anytime to help monitor utilisation & replenish funds on a timely basis.

Pay-as-you-go Plan: You also have the option to pay on a transaction by transaction basis at the time of submitting the application. Payments can be made in one of many ways, by cheque/cash, by credit card or bank transfer!

travel2dubai accepts payments through multiple routes:

The partner can make off-line payments through:

  • Cheque / Cash deposit: The partner can make a deposit in a nominated Account in any of the 2800+ ICICI Bank branches across the country closest to you.

  • Bank Transfer: We accept RTGS / NEFT transfer into the nominated travel2dubai Account. also offers the facility of electronic payments through its secure On-line payment gateway where the following payment modes are accepted:

  • All major Credit Cards

  • All major Debit Cards

  • Bank transfers

travel2dubai provides the partner unmatched freedom & flexibility in making payments –not only can you choose any of the payment plans and pay using any payment method, you can also change the option as you go along depending on your need and situation.

Superior, reliable service & support

travel2dubai platform is designed using leading edge technology and backbone infrastructure that ensures a great front end user experience & information management. We follow robust security & data protection standards in handling all information and data.

Our back office team of talented and motivated professionals ensure all transactions are handled efficiently and to the highest standards of quality. Our Customer service executives are easily accessible by e-mail or phone to address any partner query. We also offer registered partners an after office hours contact number for emergency support!

travel2dubai is committed to offering its partners the highest standards of products & services and we work continuously on enhancing the user experience.

We welcome your comments & suggestions on our services at all times –The partner can share their feedback on the travel2dubai site or call us anytime. We promptly investigate and initiate remedial action towards meeting and exceeding your expectations in the future!

Our goal is to be your Partner of Choice covering all your requirements for travel to the UAE! We value and invest in building long term mutually beneficial relationships!

Attractive Income generating opportunities!

We offer attractive net rates for UAE Visas that allows the partner handsome margins and flexibility with respect to customer pricing.

In addition, the partner can generate substantial income for themselves through an attractive Volume Linked Incentive Plan (VLIP) applicable for every paid visa submission - higher the number of visas, higher the incentive earnings!

Our goal is to make it worth your while to do business with us by delivering the best service at the best price, Always!

Absolutely free-of-charge!

The travel2dubai platform and all its functionalities come to you at no extra-cost.

We do not charge any joining fee or hidden costs - simply register and start enjoying a World of Exceptional benefits from travel2dubai!!